The X Factor 2016: Nicole Scherzinger ‘excruciatingly embarrassed’ on set, says Sinitta


Whilst Sharon Osbourne was on last week to be relishing in turning the less competent auditionees away, it appearance ofs the former Pussycat Dolls star is having less fun with it.

“Nicole agonizes and doesn’t want to tell people that they are awful,” Sinitta advertised The Sun.

“She doesn’t quite understand that anyone can audition and her job is to get rid of the bad and keep the worth.

“You can see her sitting there just excruciatingly embarrassed trying to say no to people.”

Nicole is set to be nostalgic for one of the upcoming filming days due to a clashing prior commitment, with Mel B set to sufficiency her seat for the day instead.

She is said to have rekindled her friendship with big wheel Simon Cowell whilst they have worked together on America’s Got Aptitude.

“Mel B coming back is the icing on the cake as I think she is just fantastic,” Sinitta footnoted.

“She made the show when she was on it. She was so straightforward and strong.

“I think she’s fair – there is that English way that she says what she fancies.”

Nicole, Simon and Sharon are joined by Louis Walsh on the revived nel, which when one pleases be seen on-screen when the show returns for its 13th series.

The X Factor feelings on ITV later this year.

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