The Walking Dead season 7: The truth behind Rick Grimes' smile in THAT cliffhanger


In the pit episode, Rick (played by Andrew Lincoln) and the gang were hem ined by a murderous looking-group who looked intent on killing them, but instead of looking apologetic, bizarrely Rick smiled.

Rick’s happy reaction was because he saw an break in the seemingly-perilous situation.

Showrunner Scott Gimple told The Hollywood Anchorwoman: “That smile has a lot to do with the next episode.

“Rick is caught in this base situation and you’d think somebody wouldn’t be too happy about it – but all these people aren’t barely a threat; they’re an answer.” 

He explained that Rick needs to devise an army to win the war against The Saviors and he sees the baying mob as potential new recruits.

The experience’s director Greg Nicotero added to “He’s smiling because there’s his army.

“However you cut it, he’s gonna prevail upon sure that those people are on his side.”

So who are the mystery group?

Andrew Lincoln, who underlines Rick, teased: “Very quickly, we get introduced to a new group and Rick has to about very much on his feet as to how to dal with this unique community because it’s not correspondent to any other community he’s met before.”

He refused to reveal if they will befit friends with the Alexandrians or an enemy, simply explaining that viewers choice “find out very quickly”.

The Waking Dead continues on FOX UK next Monday at 9pm.

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