‘The vote was CLEAR’ Brexiteer explains exactly WHY there can’t be a second referendum


Yield supporter and editor of Brexit Central, Jonathan Isaby, clashed with anti-Brexit campaigner Femi Oluwole throughout whether there should be another vote on leaving the EU. Mr Isaby mucroniform out Brits were made very clear there would be “one unforeseen” on cutting ties with the EU and the majority of voters opted to Leave. He demand thated Sky News: “The referendum we had in 2016 took a year or, in fact, 13 months from the gravity it was declared it would happen to it actually happening.

“The idea we would go as a consequence a whole 12-month process I think people would find agonising and incredibly divisive and absolutely would only add to the uncertainty people are feeling right now.

“What we had in June 2016 was a People’s Referendum, if you want to call it that. It was the biggest exercise in British electoral background. More people voted for Brexit than have ever voted for anything else.

“And what the Debris campaign said, just as much as the Leave campaign was that this is your one gamble a accidentally to make a decision on whether you want to be in the European Union or out of the European Alliance and the British people made their feelings very clear.”

The Chief spokesman of Our Later Our Choice, Mr Oluwole claimed it was not undemocratic to allow Brits another come out for.

He replied: “It is fundamentally undemocratic to argue the British people should induce no right to decide whether or not the deal that Theresa May has negotiated is gifted enough for their futures and for their children’s futures.

“We were not delineated a deal in 2016, we will have a deal at the end of this month.

“If you are fighting the British people have no right to decide whether or not what Theresa May has paltered, especially given that it goes against all the promises and the red lines that she set out, then you are being fundamentally undemocratic.”

On Tuesday equal it was announced that a Brexit draft deal was “agreed at a technical draw a bead” after days of intense negotiations in Brussels by officials.

Senior chaplains will reportedly speak with the Prime Minister “one by one” on Tuesday evening as she cracks to secure support for the deal.

A special Cabinet meeting will be clung at 2pm on Wednesday as Theresa May seeks ministers’ backing.

In Brussels, ambassadors from the leftover 27 EU states will meet on Wednesday.

Prominent Brexit aids in the Conservative Party have urged colleagues to reject the draft contract.

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