'The US gets a taste of its own medicine' Russia WAS behind cyber attacks, professor says


The CIA put that Russia interfered with the US presidential election in order to apportion Donald Trump a boost on his road to victory.

President-elect Trump has recalled the claims, and has argued that the Democrats were publishing the reports out of dilemma after losing the election.

Dr Simon Radford, an academic professor at the University of Southern California, insinuated that while the Russians might deny the cyber hacking, they certainly had the cleverness to complete such a task.

Speaking on TalkRadio, he said: “Hillary Clinton’s understood as a bit of a foreign policy hawk and has s rred with the Russians over matters like Ukraine, previously over Georgia.

“When she was in the senate of movement she voted for the Iraq war which annoyed the Russians a lot.

“Donald Trump on the other convenient has been quite chummy with Vladimir Putin and has said that they should require a sphere of influence and essentially has been a lot more accommodating.

“The Russians hold seen an opportunity with Donald Trump and also they be subjected to been annoyed with the United States seeming to meddle in elections in Russia’s close abroad, in Ukraine and in Georgia and in other former Republics.”

An assessment by the CIA build that Russian operatives leaked key emails to Wikileaks to attempt to anchored Mr Trump’s victory in the US election.

The Kremlin was blamed for a series of cyber affects and leaks, including the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s email organized whole over the summer.

Russian officials are thought to have spent profuse time attempting to undermine Mrs Clinton right before the election, nevertheless the suggestion has been dismissed by the Kremlin.

Dr Radford however felt it was precisely plausibl that the Russians could have interfered during the designation.

He finished: “Russia thinks this is the United States getting a bit of a stomach of their own medicine and a warning not to interfere anymore.”

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