The Trick That'll Get Your Baby to Sleep in 41 Seconds Flat


It feels all you need to solve one of the most frustrating problems for new rents is a single pile. (And no, it’s not to wipe away the tears of exhaustion.)

Nathan Dailo of Sydney, Australia, withdrew to YouTube to demonstrate just how he was able to put his 3-month-old son, Seth, to sleep in comprised in a minute.

Truth be told, as soon as I saw this video, I tried the confidence trick out on my baby. Unlike Seth — who fidgeted at first but just got quieter and beater with every stroke of the tissue on his face until he was all-out snoozing in only just 41 seconds — my sleepyhead just wanted to play with her new “toy.”

Of this trick will work on your baby? Try it out and let us know!

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