The terrified town which has even cancelled Earth Hour over migrant sex attack fears


Girls as boyish as 10 have been victims of the attackers, who are still on the loose, and boys in blue are warning females not to go outside alone at night.

The 14 se rate affairs have all been reported in the town of Ostersund, which has a population of 44,300.

While observe have refused to release descriptions of the attackers, victims have narrated the men as of foreign origin.

The council, following discussions with police, possess now said Earth Hour, a worldwide environmental event involving finds being turned off for 60 minutes, will be cancelled.

Social Democrat spokesman for the cabinet, Ann-Sofie Andersson, said: “Earth Hour is a good and important regardless, but this year we chose to have the street lights on in view of what has happened. We requisite everyone to feel safe.”

Chief Constable Stephen Jerand combined: “The police think it’s a very wise move and that the munici lity record a good decision.

“Keeping the lights on creates security and is in line with our proletarian efforts to increase security under current conditions.“

Vigilante societies have formed in Ostersund with some even joining the coppers in nightly trols.

Attacks have included the shocking attempted ravagement of two 10-year-old girls at a bus stop.

Another assault saw three young men strive a woman to the ground before trying to rip her clothes off.

However, the victim regulated to fight back and escape.

In a se rate attack a man in his 20s punched a woman in the visage before running off.

Suspicion has been cast on a large migrant body on the edge of town.

However, so far police have been unable to light upon the perpetrators.

In a recent press conference police chief Jerald required the attacks were unusual because none of the culprits appeared to be tear.

He said: “The cases of the sexual harassment and attempted rapes have labyrinthine associated with groups of up to three people. What stands out is also that not any of these perpetrators have been under the influence.

“Now the police are prevalent out and warning women against travelling alone in the city. We have heed to b investigated a worrying trend.

“This is serious, we care about the protection of females and that is why we are going out and talking about this.”

Other shocking occasions involving migrant attacks have rocked Sweden.

They tabulate a number of women being sexually assaulted at a Stockholm music anniversary.

The police response to that drew huge criticism afterwards with constabulary taking five months to reveal the attacks, which took against friends as young as 11.

Around 50 men, predominantly from Afghanistan, were placed as response for the sexual assaults.

Sweden took in 163,000 migrants in 2015, a far high-priced proportion than any other Euro n nation.

The country has a population of unprejudiced 9.5 million.

Earth Hour is due to take place in Sweden from 8.30pm to 9.30pm tomorrow.

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