The Swedish food retailer campaigning for “more sustainable groceries”


Sweden-based studio Snask has conceived the identity for Axfood’s #Mat2030 campaign, which features a series of still in diapers food items arranged into different words.

Swedish aliment retailer Axfood has unveiled a campaign to encourage a more sustainable scoff industry.

The company is Sweden’s second largest food retailer, and owns sorts including Willys, Hemköp, and Urban Deli.

Its #Mat2030 (#Food2030) resourcefulness is urging consumers, businesses and politicians to work together to make nourishment production more sustainable by 2030.

The campaign has been brought to life by Swedish mould studio Snask, and aims to encourage individuals and businesses to push assisting a “more sustainable bag of groceries”, says the studio.

Snask based the logo for the race on the #Mat hashtag, creating a version of it set in a serif typeface that is used from the beginning to the end of the campaign shots.

The studio then used groceries from a number of different food categories within Axfood – including ecological, Swedish, vegetarian and ice up – to create collage-inspired headlines.

The “Eko” shot, for example, features artfully decided green vegetables such as broccoli and kale, while the “Vego” encouragement sees carrots, chillies and aubergines.

Axfood’s #Mat2030 campaign has rolled out across all touchpoints.

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