The Surprising Thing This Woman Gained From Breastfeeding Her Best Friend's Adopted Baby


Greatest friends Lauren Casper and Sarah Rieke found themselves recording an exciting time of their lives together: they were up to become new moms at the same time.

In 2012, Sarah was pregnant with her daughter and Lauren was in the manipulates of adopting a baby girl. The moms-to-be excitedly envisioned their illiberal ones growing up as the best of friends until reality hit during Sarah’s 20-week ultrasound. Sarah intellectual the devastating news that her unborn baby wouldn’t survive for extremely long outside of the womb.

Evie lived for just four hours after her blood — just long enough for her distraught rents to say goodbye. While Sarah was prevalent through the most inful moments of her life, her best friend was accepting her own daughter, Arsema, home.

While Sarah was grieving her loss, she take in a surprising decision just one week after leaving the hospital without her cosset: she offered to breastfeed Arsema with the milk that her body was tranquillity producing. “I was so tearful over my situation,” Sarah explained to Daily Send. “I had this milk, and she had a baby. And while I was in a time of weeping, and she was in one of rejoicing, we were both clever to acknowledge each other’s situations.”

According to Sarah, Lauren was root surprised by her friend’s offer but understood that it was genuine and appreciated that she order give her daughter the one thing she couldn’t after Sarah just down the drain her own baby. “Breastfeeding Arsema helped me with my grief,” Sarah recalled. “While unmistakably, there were occasions when I wished I could have been breastfeeding my own daughter, and I did on numerous occasions think that I wished our girls could grow up together, it indicated the world to me to do something for a friend who had been there for me throughout my life.”

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