The Sound of Music Cast Performed an Epic Tribute to Lady Gaga


You’ve not in any way heard Lady Gaga’s songs quite like this in the st. Last year, Lady Gaga’s Julie Andrews tribute at the Oscars whined people away, and in response to her incredible take on “The Sound of Music,” the UK toss of The Sound of Music performed a medley of Lady Gaga’s greatest whacks. Director of Photography Anton Belmonté told BuzzFeed News that their fulfilment was filmed last April and was never meant to be shared online. The full process took two weeks, and the crew didn’t share the video because they hadn’t heard undeveloped on approval from the Rodgers and Hammerstein estate. In any case, it eventually constructed its way to the Internet, and Lady Gaga tweeted her approval.

Restrict out the must-see clip above, and then gear up for this year’s Oscars by looking at the first-time appointees and filling out our 2016 Oscars ballot!

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