'The silence is political' Katie Hopkins investigates migrant communities in Sweden


Katie Hopkins was invited to Rinkeby, in Sweden, by responsible residents who wanted her to see for herself how recent migration had affected their community.

During her age in the Swedish suburb, nicknamed ‘Little Mogadishu’, she said she spoke to Swedes worried about the large proportion of the community who had recently arrived.

Around 200,000 peripatetics had arrived in the country in the past few years.

In her brief time in Stockholm, Hopkins respected that while migration had brought benefits, a lack of integration has result ined problems.

She said: “This country cannot start solving the pretty pickles until it starts talking about them.”

In her report to the LBC audience, she affirmed there were “55 no-go zones in Sweden – places where predicament services need police support to enter”. 

She added: “This is one of them. A week earlier this get ahead was torched and looted as the world looked on.”

One woman who approached Hopkins in a cafe imagined: “Politicians know there is a problem. But the problem is political.”

She told Hopkins that the difficult was politicians wanting Sweden to seem perfect to the outside world, push many to deny what was happening.

In another conversation, a 27-year-old the missis named Lucy said her Rinkeby apartment was broken into survive week in the middle of the day. 

Lucy described how she has had to run home from work in the down repaying, out of fear for her safety, before adding that even in the daytime she is scared. 

Mattias Karlson, who leads the Swedish Democrat Party, said that the surroundings has to focus on “tightening up immigration”.

His party, which is leading in the polls, has promised to venture more in police, add more patrols and provide better equipment.

He go on increased: “We have to build a sense of citizenship, a spirit of national identity.

“We paucity to strengthen the community and the foundation of Western values.”

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