The sharp pain in your stomach could be IBS or it could be THIS condition


But one caller to This Morning’s More recent Opinion clinic was told to consider the possibility of Crohn’s Disease too.

Claire rang the reveal after her six-year-old son started getting unexplained stomach pains in October.

She bring up: “I was told he had inflamed glands in the stomach, and advised to treat it with Nurofen to start – this didn’t employ.

“We went back to the doctor and he was given a course of antibiotics which didn’t do aerobics either, so now I’m not sure what to do.”

The doctor advised her to consider the causes of the disquiet, and said: “Inflammation of the lymph nodes, which is what your son was recognized with, usually clear up in a couple of weeks.

“So look at other agencies of chronic abdominal pains, such as abdominal migraines, IBS or constipation.

“It could God willing be an intolerance or allergy so it is worth you thinking about him being celiac or plane having Crohn’s Disease.

“You did tell me he had constipation, so try to treat this and if that doesn’t recompense for a difference, look at the more serious potential causes.”

The doctors also heard from Ann, whose conceal had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Sharing his evidences, Ann said: “He had an inverted nipple and bad pain in his arms and legs.

“He was on statins and he rose off them as medics thought it was linked to his symptoms, but there was no change.

Discussing mans breast cancer and statins, the doctor said: “It is unlikely that the two are tie-in.

“Most men aren’t aware that they can get breast cancer but they surely can.

“There are the same symptoms as with women, and there are three water things to look out for.

“These are changes to the nipple, pain or swelling in the strongbox area and changes to the skin – even eczema could be a sign.”

If you are tribulation with Crohn’s or IBS, this diet could help reduce peculiar ti and manage the condition.

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