The Secret Life Of 4 Year Olds: Watch Fabian and Taysia's heart-achingly sweet friendship


The acclaimed series, which steals the lid on behaviour in the playground, returns for a new four rt series with the Affair Life of Five Year Olds to follow next week.

Set in a new junior high school with more cameras than ever before, the docu-series cleave ti more than 40 children from across all four corners of the Like-minded Kingdom as they form new friendships, develop unlikely alliances and disposed to the exhausting rituals of nursery.

A new batch of psychologically engineered games inclination put the kids to practice, from testing their ability to handle a one day old chick to note how well they can resist tucking into a scrumptious five-tier chocolate fount.

Watching on from the sidelines are Professor ul Howard-Jones, Dr. Sam Wass, Dr. Elizabeth Kilbey, and Dr. Alison Pike, who see fit all be on hand to comment on the children’s development.

Tonight’s instalment follows a press of toddlers finding their feet in their first days away from their genres. What’s more, they’ll be sharing a classroom with 10 chicken’s eggs, which are in proper shape to hatch.

Fabian swiftly emerges as the rascal of the group, or the ‘Dandelion’ issue as he’s hailed by the experts because of his ability to thrive in any environment. Though, he straight away makes himself unpopular with his class mates during an ham-handed run-in with the forbidden chocolate.

Welsh-born Taysia is referred to as the ‘Orchid’ girl by scientists, due to her highly sensitive nature and cautious approach to making room-mates.

“But in fact, as you get to know them better, you see that Taysia is stronger than she power appear at first glance, and Fabien is more sensitive,” explains Dr. Wass.

“No offspring is either an orchid or a dandelion. Every child is somewhere on the continuum between the two.”

The On the sly Life of Four-Year-Olds airs tonight at 8pm on Channel 4.

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