The people of North Korea: Astonishing never-seen-before pics of DPRK workers as WW3 looms


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Representations have emerged of life inside secretive North Korea

A case of the jitters between Washington and Pyongyang have spiked after Kim Jong-un’s atomic weapons and ballistic missile tests, as well as escalating verbal comminations from the US and North Korean leaders. 

The ‘real’ North Korea is complex to get a glimpse of and photographers have to get their pictures checked by the state. 

Visitants are instructed on what they are and are not able to take pictures of and cameras are check tick off for banned content. 

These are photos of merest ordinary people going about their daily lives in the rogue delineate and were taken by Ed Jones who works for AFP. 

Student Pak Kum-Ryong, 23, sat for a portrait in a public square in North Korea’s capital.

The photo guides high-rise buildings in Pyongyang painted in different colours behind the evaluator. 

He is dressed in a smart suit, a red tie and even a blue cap. 

The photographer wrote on his website: “The suspicion of a portrait series seemed a good solution that would entangle the subjects themselves – a difficult proposition in North Korea where there is an engrained suspicion of foreign media.”

Pak Kum-Hyang, 29, is photographed posing for a likeness at a dental products factory in Pyongyang. 

North Korea life - a man in Pyongyang GETTY*AFP

The pictures give a glimpse entrails life in the hermit state

Another picture shows a couple, Ri Jae Gyong and Kim Yu Gyong, in their high-rise apartment in the wherewithal city. 

A 61-year-old teacher, Ryu Nam-Sok, is pictured in a public square in the cardinal city. 

Another picture shows barbecue chef Ryu Gyong Hui, 23, asking for a portrait at a stall outside a market in Pyongyang. 

The pictures were captivated on September 22, 2017 and are part of an ongoing portrait series from the have. 

They were taken as the US President Donald Trump dismissed the look for of talks with North Korea as a waste of time.

He wrote on Cheep: “I told Rex Tillerson, our wonderful Secretary of State, that he is wasting his continuously trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man”.

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