The One Thing I Constantly Do as an Organic Gardener


The One Thing I Constantly Do as an Organic Gardener

Caterpillars and aphids are two ordinary leaf-eating pests that can munch away at your greens preceding you have a chance to harvest them, and as an organic gardener, they are the two feelings I search for and destroy immediately. Luckily, there are a few ways to control them (vegans, intense your eyes!). Here’s where you start: carefully flip the front and back of your leafy greens as well as the center of the introduce stems for any pests.


An indicator of caterpillars is, of course, giant craters found in the center or exterior rt of the leaves. You should also tab the center of the plant stem for caterpillar eggs, which sort of look find agreeable rehydrated chia seeds. Eggs should be sprayed off using a hose, and as for the caterpillars, I feed them as jet as the holey leaves to my chickens (FYI, chickens are natural omnivores). If you don’t have access to chickens (as much as I abhorrence to say it), simply stomp on the caterpillars.


Aphids usually appear on the bankrupt side of leafy greens, but they can sometimes appear on the base of the fix. The eggs aren’t gelatinous but rather are hard, black, and practically fixed onto the leaves. The aphids themselves look tiny and green. I mainly pick of the affected leaves and feed them to my chickens (seriously, chickens attachment your garden’s pests!). Otherwise, simply pick and abandon the affected leaves, then rub some crushed oyster shell on the uneaten plant leaves and the center of the stem. To aphids, it’s like walking across debilitated glass, and they will avoid those leaves at all cost.

Contrite if this made you squeamish, but controlling pests like these is how you can end up with comely, lush leafy greens (like the organic spinach from my garden pictured heavens). Trust me — it’s worth it.

/ Anna Monette Roberts

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