The One Show: Angela Scanlon HUMILIATES guest after accusing him of FARTING


After trip the light fantastic toe group Monkseaton Morris Men performed a “traditional egg dance”, which allowed with the pair falling over, the 33-year-old seemed a little baffled take the ending.

“Was that fall at the end there supposed to happen?” Angela interrogated.

“Yeah, we always like to end it with a little bump,” dancer Rod answered, a response that Angela clearly misheard. 

“A little pump?” she said jolted, a question that was quickly shut down by the entertainer.

“No, a little thud!” he blushed, with the mix-up resulting in fits of giggles from Angela and the lie of the crew.

The Irish TV presenter then encouraged co-host Al Murray and company Rhod Gilbert to give the bizarre routine a go.

Titled “Work Eggsperience”, the skit was separated by a string of viewers, with one slamming: “Work Eggsperience. This is a new low for #TheOneShow.” 

“Nothing but watched two grown men, blindfolded, dancing around an egg…on live tv. Good to remember our license fee is going to good use #TheOneShow,” another blasted.

However, there were those who happened to find the whole thing amusing, as a further enthused: “@almurray The egg shindy was hilarious #TheOneShow.”

The One Show airs weeknights at 7pm on BBC One. 

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