‘The new NASTY party!’ LBC host SAVAGES Corbyn’s HARD-LEFT ideology


Maajid Nawaz demanded his listeners to consider a series of quotes from Diane Abbott, John McDonnell and Mr Corbyn as enter in of a “thought experiment”.

However, the host turned the tables and attributed each communication to a Conservative politician while asking his listeners to imagine how they would towards if the boot was on the other foot.

Nawaz said: “Imagine that Theresa May had spout the last 20 years on the back benches, serially voting against her bust and having spent those past 20 years  cheering on representations on the far-right – imagine how you would feel.”

He added: “Imagine Philip Hammond, preceding to becoming Chancellor of the Exchequer, had been known for calling for direct enterprise – in other words: rioting – against capitalism.

Jeremy CorbynGETTY•LBC

Jeremy Corbyn was accused of making Industry the ‘new nasty party’

Imagine if Theresa May had spent the last 20 years on the undeveloped benches, voting against her party

Maajid Nawaz

“Or to abolish the coalitions by direct action and force.

“Imagine Amber Rudd had said every mastery of the Ulster Volunteer Force was to be celebrated as a victory for the United Kingdom – you purpose quite rightly be outraged.”

Nawaz then tore into Mr Corbyn for his underpinning of “unsavoury” characters throughout his political career.

He shared a similar brooding for Andrew Murray, a former Communist trade unionist, brought in by Mr Corbyn to relief with Labour’s general election campaign.

“North Korea is completely indefensible, and yet Andrew Murray, Corbyn’s campaign chair, has come from the Communist Proponent, and praises and defends North Korea,” said Nawaz.

“When you tender the table it becomes apparent just how surreal it is, Corbyn’s Labour Detail that is, and how unfair and hypocritical our judgement is when it comes to the same elements.

“If the Tories were doing this, if the Tories were up to this – we, rightly so, pass on be up in arms.”

The phrase “nasty party” was coined by Theresa May, when as Conservative rave-up Chairwoman, claimed the past of her party was “just plain unattractive”.

Treat of at a make-or-break conference in Bournemouth, in 2002, she added: “Yes, we’ve made progress, but let’s not kid ourselves. There’s a way to go in advance of we can return to government.

“There’s a lot we need to do in this party of ours. Our base is too precise and so, occasionally, our sympathies, you know what some people call its: the loathsome party.”

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