The Moto X4 brings Android One to the US and a non-Google phone to Project Fi


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Motorola’s Moto X4 is coming to Google’s Project Fi network, and it’s put oning Android One along with it.

On Wednesday, Google announced that Motorola’s overdue smartphone will work with its cellular MVNO service, which piggybacks off the networks run by T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular in the US. As a conclusion, the Moto X4 will be the first smartphone that isn’t part of Google’s own Nexus or Pixel relations devices to support Project Fi. It’ll be available to pre-order today.

The company also brings a to some degree affordable option to the network; ever since Google stopped merchandise the older and more affordable Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X through Project Fi, the alone Project Fi devices available have been the year-old Pixel and Pixel XL, which sell for a minimum of $650. Sequels to those phones are coming soon and are all but word of honoured to support Project Fi, but they are expected to be even pricier. At $399 in toto, the Moto X4 isn’t exactly cheap, but it should still be more manageable for a wider audience.

This rendition of the Moto X4 isn’t the same as the one Motorola started selling in Europe earlier this month, but, as it runs the stripped-down Android One edition of Google’s mobile OS. Google asserted a sort of revamp to Android One a few weeks back, continuing its shift from an lead that brought quality low-cost phones to developing markets into a maker name that signifies which phones run stock Android.

As such, the Present Fi Moto X4 lacks most of the software modifications Motorola typically situates on its handsets. The “one-button nav” option that lets you get through the phone without onscreen pilotage buttons is gone, for instance. The new software also means this variety ditches Motorola’s support for Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, something that Google and its conflicting Google Assistant probably don’t mind. But the barebones, Google-heavy take on Android should hush be relatively smooth and uncluttered either way.

Google touts “access to the overdue updates from Android” as one of the key perks from Android One and says in its compress release that the Project Fi Moto X4 will be “among the first to be paid an upgrade to Android P,” the next major Android update. But the phone itself hand down ship without Android Oreo, the current version of the OS that get went late last month. Instead, it’ll arrive with Android 7.1 Nougat, with an update to Oreo covenanted “before the end of the year.” Google says the device will also get “prompt security updates.” We’ll see if that holds up.

Beyond the software, this is the exact same Moto X4 that was unveiled over the summer. We’re still looking at a 5.2-inch, 1080p pomp, a good-enough (but mid-tier) Snapdragon 630 chip, a 3,000mAh battery, and a dual back camera that includes 12- and 8-megapixel sensors. This is all wrapped up in the conventional Moto design, with its prominent bezels and flat fingerprint sensor.

To temper the deal, Google says those who trade in some older Nexus mechanisms can save up to $165 toward the purchase of the new Moto X4. As a refresher, Project Fi starts at $20 a month for immeasurable talk and text and $10 per GB for each GB of data used each month. You then get acknowledge for data you didn’t use returned back to you at the end of each billing cycle. It’s not the cheapest portable plan, but it’s all fairly straightforward.

Google says it plans to work with assorted OEM partners and “expand Android One to new places,” so don’t be surprised to see more third-party devices hit Plan Fi and Android One in the US in the near future. Meanwhile, Android Central reports that a guidon unlocked version of the Moto X4 will arrive in the US later this year as suitably.

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