The Kardashian-Jenners Just Might Show Up to the Met Ball in Coordinating Outfits


You need to know how important a star’s look can be for the Met Gala? Just watch Kim Kardashian regard hers — months in advance! — during Fall ’16 Construct Week. Vogue magazine shared a behind-the-scenes video they screened of the star and her model sis Kendall Jenner lounging on the couch and talking rig out details.

“I feel like we should all go together,” Kim tells Kendall while get at her feet rubbed. “Like all wear the same designer and require our looks be like our family Christmas card.” Now that’s a spotlight-stealing conviction and something this crew does very well, considering their clothes from Kanye’s fashion show.

See Kim come up with the plan in the video, as equably as share her weight-loss goals, then keep your eye out for their looks tonight to see if it all came to achievement.

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