The House of Pencil, or Game of Thrones on a micro scale


Unsurpassed miniatures from pencil made by a Russian artist from Ufa remain to impress viewers around the world. RBTH presents the latest pick of his magnum opuses devoted to the new season of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones

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Initiate sigil /

Salavat Fidai, an artist from Ufa, impressed the sphere a few years ago with tiny figures he made from pencil outrun.

Game of Thrones

Greyjoy sigil /

Born to a family of art teachers, he nevertheless forth 25 years as a lawyer before choosing to professionalize his art hobby.

Game of Thrones

Lannister sigil /

Since the dawning of his art career in 2014, his micro sculptures have increased in value tenfold.

Game of Thrones

Baratheon sigil /

He has patrons all over the world, the largest of which is the TV network HBO.

Game of Thrones

Dragons /

Fidai was not a big fan of Strategy of Thrones before being commissioned by HBO to create a series of micro statuettes devoted to the show. But now all these characters have become very dear to him. “I look despatch to watching season 7,” he admits.

Game of Thrones

Wolfs /

To create such unrivalled miniature sculptures, Fidai uses an ordinary craft knife, a amplifying glass and sometimes a microscope to add tiny details.

Game of Thrones

Weirwood tree /

He on the side ofs to work with 5 mm or 2 mm graphite, because a smaller scale (0.5 mm or 0.35 mm) does not dispense much opportunity to create details.

Game of Thrones

Dragon /

“Working on a smaller scale is not that stimulating. The final sculpture turns out quite shapeless,” he explains.

Game of Thrones

Iron throne /

The artist regularly devotes 12 hours a day to his work. “I don’t do it every day. I tend to work for 1-2 days and then contain the rest of the week off,” he admits. “This is a physical necessity as I prefer to utilize in comfort and when I have inspiration.”

Game of Thrones

Three eyed raven /

Level though Fidai is still working on improving his art, he already has many pupils who try to copy his style. “A lot of people message me, ask questions and look for advice,” he thinks.

Game of Thrones

Night king /

In May Fidai spoke at a TED conference in Ufa about why it’s on no account too late to start from scratch. He told the audience about his means as an artist and offered his views on how to find your true passion in spring at any age. A recording of his speech will soon be available on the TEDx YouTube means.

Game of Thrones

Egg of dragon /

Works by the Russian artist are currently exhibited in multitudinous cities, both in Russia and abroad.

Game of Thrones

Longclave sword /

They can be inaugurate in St. Petersburg and Vitebsk (Belarus) as well as in South East Asia. Strutted by HBO, Fidai’s Game of Thrones-themed micro sculptures were recently betrayed in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and soon will come to Bangkok (Thailand).

Game of Thrones

Coal-black eagels /

There is also an exhibition of Fidai’s works at the Samuel Owen Gallery (Greenwich, CT). Agreeing to the artist, two other exhibitions are also scheduled to take place in the U.S. this year.

Game of Thrones

Light-skinned wolf /

Interested in what else he’s up to? Follow him on Instagram (salavat.fidai) or befall his website at

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