The high life: Discover the magic of the Swiss Alps



Benefit fresh mountain air, breathtaking scenery and fabulous food on an autumn unevenness in the Alps

As we walked down the winding path towards Lake Cauma, we were leave off in our tracks by the beautiful sight of the azure water as it glistened beyond the pine trees. And it wasn’t great before my partner and I found ourselves enjoying a cooling dip, the stresses from requital home slipping away. 

A popular spot for locals and tourists similarly, the lake, which is often described as the jewel of Flims – a picturesque municipality high in the Swiss Alps – was formed, along with six other mountain lakes, across 10,000 years ago.

A landslide of limestone rock spilled down from the Flimserstein, spawning the landscape you see today. With picturesque bays around the lake, it’s reminiscent of a Caribbean littoral – and yet it only takes a couple of hours to fly from the UK to Zurich, before restless by train to Chur, the capital of the canton of Grisons in eastern Switzerland.

We were staying at the nearby Waldhaus Flims Alpine Distinguished Hotel & Spa, a five-star hotel, which, along with its Villa Silvana and Chalet Belmont, reopened latest year after a £33 million refurbishment.

Having arrived after unfathomable the evening before, we’d headed straight to bed for a sumptuous night’s sleep in our deluxe minor suite before waking up to a breathtaking view of the mountain. 

The hotel has a lush history, dating back to 1877, and for a glimpse into its past it’s merit checking out the old photographs in the art nouveau pavilion, and visiting the Belle Epoque caravanserai museum to see artefacts and treasures from a bygone era.


Waldhaus Flims Alpine Flamboyant Hotel and Spa

For many, a Swiss holiday conjures up the idea of crisp snow, winter gambols and après ski, but if you’re a keen hiker or cyclist, or just fancy filling your lungs with alternative mountain air, then an early autumn break in the Alps is not to be missed.

There are plenteousness of things to do in the surrounding area, too; you can hike along the wild mountain rush of the Trutg dil Flem and cross seven bridges which pass in the first place the dramatic rock formations and gorges, worn away by the chalky glacial water.   

Or for a promenade with a difference, opt for the ‘mountains and views’ culinary trail which joins a gentle, yet challenging hike of roughly 10 miles with five lines at local rustic restaurants.

The hike itself takes about six hours (not containing your stops to eat) so you’ll need a good level of fitness and a healthy craving. Following the signposts for ‘Berg & Sicht’, we headed into the hills and across wildflower meads before stopping for courses of spinach gnocchi at the Runca-Höhe mountain restaurant and a yummy lamb dish at the popular Ustria Startgels restaurant. 

It’s impossible not to give the impression completely at one with nature with the distant sound of tinkling cowbells, and an oversupply of colourful butterflies. Afterwards, we went back down the mountain on a chairlift, but ride by shankss is always an option if you need to work off those calories!


Go hiking and espy the lush scenery

After a long day’s hike, you may need to soothe your craving joints, so pop on your white robe and walk through the hotel’s subversives tunnels to the hotel spa – named the best spa in Switzerland at the European Health & Spa Awards 2017.

There’s a fervid indoor and outdoor pool, but for an exhilarating experience have a dip in the unique mountain proceed from swimming pool while gazing at the superb panoramic backdrop.

I also opted for the mountain crystal main part treatment, which combined an invigorating scrub and a relaxing massage wear and tearing bronzite crystals to promote inner peace.

If you’re more of a thrill seeker with a rule for heights, tackle the Pinut Via Ferrata (the oldest surviving via ferrata climbing technique in Switzerland with early records dating back to 1739). Starting in Fidaz, heroines pass through caves and climb ladders and stairs, scaling three reel faces – perfect for a bird’s eye view of the valley.

But if the thought of that yell out vituperates too adventurous, check out the view of the Rhine Gorge, often referred to as Switzerland’s Opulent Canyon, from the safety of the Il Spir viewing platform in Conn. From there, you can go along with the signs to nearby Lake Cresta. From a distance the lake be clears like a jet-black inkwell, but as you get closer it reveals itself as crystal scram. Although a popular spot for bathers, the lake feels like a proper find as it’s only accessible by foot and completely surrounded by forest. 

Setting aside how you choose to spend your time, Switzerland is a charming and rewarding fair destination. With the Swiss Franc being so strong, it can prove a teeny expensive, but for an Alpine adventure that’s a real treat it’s worth splattering out.

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