The Greatest Dancer: How does The Greatest Dancer work? Series format explained


Trade-mark new dance competition series The Greatest Dancer has been filling the Strictly moved void on Saturday night on BBC One. The series is well underway now with incident four due to air tonight, Saturday, January 26 at 7.30pm. The Greatest Dancer stalks a unique new format, read on to see how it works.

Seeing the new year in with luxury, former Strictly Come Dancing champion and former judge Alesha Dixon and Multiplicity’s Jordan Banjo host the brand new series.

The brand-new dance forte show will see dancers of any age and dance style compete to win £50,000 and a luck to perform on Strictly Come Dancing.

Leading the charge to discover The Greatest Dancer are three superstar Prom Captains: multi-platinum-selling singer Cheryl; Broadway and Glee star Matthew Morrison; and Strictly Understandable Dancing professional Oti Mabuse.

The twist with The Greatest Dancer is that the audience confines all the power – not the judges.


How does The Greatest Dancer function?

Weeks 1-4 – Auditions

The first four episodes of the series sees dancers, from matures seven upwards, performing any dance style they choose, and globe-trotting trips to The Greatest Dancer studio in their bid to impress the audience, get that all-important 75 per cent of the audience choose and open the mirror wall.

Also watching from behind the depict are the three Dance Captains Oti Mabuse, Matthew Morrison and Cheryl.

Whilst the Romp Captains don’t get to vote, they are watching everything and will be offering their feedback too.

In olden days the auditions are complete, it is time for the callbacks as the Dance Captains have the fussy task of choosing just nine of the dancers they would ask preference to mentor onto the next stage of the competition – the live challenge pretensions.

Weeks 5–7 – Live Challenge Shows

At this stage, the arrive goes LIVE for the first time.

Every week each of the dancers are set a dare that they must take on with their Dance Captain to form a performance that will impress the viewers at home and keep them in the meet.

Week 8 – The Live Grand Final

The remaining acts will all discharge before the voting lines open once again as viewers at territory get to choose who they want to be named The Greatest Dancer, win £50,000 and depict as a very special guest on Strictly Come Dancing.

Speaking just about the show’s unique format, Cheryl said: “The great thing down The Greatest Dancer is that the audience hold the power.

“The auditionee determination come into the room, and they will be facing what looks ask preference a mirror.”

The former Girls Aloud star explained: “They pass on audition to the mirror but behind the mirror will be us three Dance Captains and the audience too.

“They bequeath perform and if the audience likes them and 75 per cent press ‘yes’ on their keypads, it emerge considers up the room and the mirrors open to reveal the audience.”

Host Alesha Dixon enlarged: “The contestants have to perform in the dance studio, like a regular audition, in candid of a mirror and they need 75 per cent of the audience vote for the echo to open.

“Once the mirror opens, hopefully they carry on capering or they stop and they’re excited, they see their captains, they get their critique and then they’re to to the call backs.

“And then the captains have to whittle it down to three actions each as only nine acts can go through to the live challenge swaggers.”

The Greatest Dancer continues tonight on BBC One at7.30pm

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