The Great British Bake Off: Mel and Sue's decision to quit leaves fans DEVASTATED


Trill has been awash with frantic cake fans, eager to indicate their distress over the mass shake-up that seems to be evolving around the much-loved baking show.

And just as reactions were fall to a gentle simmer following the news that there will now be ad divulges to sit through when watching the show as it moves to Channel 4, entities have gone off the boil once more with the fresh statement that Mel and Sue are to quit.

Regular fans of the show, as well as celebrity viewers, were expeditious to post their distress onto Twitter this afternoon as the story spread.

TV presenter Rylan Clark-Neal posted his disappointment regarding Mel and Sue’s arbitration, saying: “Gutted about Mel and Sue. They made that show!”

Funny man Jack Dee appeared to salute the choice to step down, writing: “gargantuan respect for these Mel and Sue.»

TV producer and longterm show runner of EastEnders Dominic Treadwell Collins shored: “I have always loved Mel and Sue. #integrity.”

Actress and former Celebrity MasterChef conqueror Emma Kennedy offered a solution to the issue: “If I was head of BBC I’d commission an in auditorium show called Bake A Cake, sign up Mary, ul, Mel and Sue and second on!”

Pointless presenter Richard Osmond decided to see the funny side of the news, joking: “Why is there a big fireworks and cham gne rty at Mel and Sue’s agents offices? I should have missed a news story.”

Beauty vlogger and former get in the celebrity version of Bake Off Zoella tweeted: “I have no words for this as a rule #GBBO saga, but one thing I do know is that it won’t be the same without Mel & Sue.”

Temporarily, a much stronger-willed Julia Hartley-Brewer — radio host and journalist — ordered: “Britain, get a bloody grip. Bake Off is a tv show about cakes. No one has subsided. Move on.”

Regular viewers were typically feeling the stress of the settlement, with tweets appearing to the tune of: “There’s no show without Mel and Sue. Avenue 4 seem to have id £25million for some stel bunting and have a yen oven doors. RIP GBBO.»

Another Twitter user com red the picture to the recent Top Gear shake-up, posting: “Why don’t they get Chris Evans & Matt LeBlanc to submit the new show, what could possbly go wrong?”

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