The Grand Tour season 2: Jeremy Clarkson confirms FINISH as fans cry ‘NOOOO!’


The Amazon Prime motoring’s schedule’s second stint was plagued with controversy from the get-go after Richard Hammond suffered a life-threatening fortune while Jeremy Clarkson was struck down with pneumonia  during dusting.
Thankfully, production for The Grand Tour is now done and dusted, days after the shift instalment of season two was released last Friday. 
Clarkson broke the hearsay on his Twitter page just minutes ago.
“And there we are. Season two wrapped,” he wrote to his 7.09 million adherents.
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Tue, November 28, 2017
Ex Top Gear armies Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond & James May film new Amazon Prime accord, The Grand Tour.


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The Grand Outing: Behind the scenes

And there we are. Season two wrapped
The Grand Journey host Jeremy Clarkson

Fans called for the 57-year-old to release the series online tout de suite, but Clarkson swiftly shut them down. 
“I haven’t steady seen Series ONE yet!!!! WHEN are you going to release your DVD so we can ALL benefit the fun?!! Happy Christmas Grand Tour Team xxx,” one desperate servant wrote. 
Sadly, Clarkson reminded them: “It doesn’t really available like that.” 
Jeremy Clarkson and James May on The Great TourAMAZON PRIME
The Grand Tour is available to stream on Amazon Prime nowBut he was piss someone off even further when the pleading microblogger beckoned: “I followed you ridicules faithfully for years in the good old days of National tv… I can’t watch you any various coz I can’t afford Netflix….I’m only a poor Elderly Person’s Transport!”
“Amazon Prime I’ll think you find,” Clarkson hit back. 
Instalment one left fans “shaken” when they were shown horrific footage of the car crash which nearly killed Richard Hammond. 
The Grand Tour is available to stream on Amazon Prime now. 
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