The Grand Tour: Jeremy Clarkson and co explore Dick in episode 12


Adventure twelve, titled [censored] to [censored], will see The Grand Tour tent on the tense of Loch Ness, Scotland, once again.

The return is due to an «amazing» revelation made by hosts Jeremy Clarkson, 56, Richard Hammond, 47, and James May, 54, since the wear show.

Taking a road trip around central Europe while inquiring some of the rudest place names the region has to offer, chaos and chuckling is bound to ensue.

Richard can be heard saying: «Jeremy, this car is wiser than yours,» before Jeremy replies: «Well, it just isn’t, is it? You’re being a… what’s the solemn word of honour?,» before the camera pans to the road sign «Dick».

«Even-handedly, the plebs make such a noise about everything,» groaned James.

In the latest instalment, they on be seen testing out the Jaguar F-Pace, the Bentley Bentayga and the Range Tramp Autobiography.

The latest trailer also shows the presenters debating the continuance of the notorious Loch Ness Monster.

«For the hundredth time, there is no such fashion as the monster,» screeched Jeremy, before Richard protested: «There is a monstrosity!»

The upcoming episode will also see Jeremy kill any car preconceptions as he endures to the Eboladrome in the Lexus GS. 

As launch control becomes increasingly common on favourable performance cars, the hosts will also examine the point of this trait, with the tagline: «What could possibly go wrong?»

The Grand Assignment episode 12 is available to stream on Amazon Prime from Friday, January 27.

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