The Flash season 6: Will there be another series of The Flash?


The Twinkling of an eye season five came to an end last night (Tuesday, May 14) on The CW in the US. The finale force air in the UK next Thursday (May, 23) on Sky One and NOW TV. Following the season five finale, adherents are wondering if The Flash will return for another season. Read on to find out more upon the future of The Flash.

Will there be another series of The Flash?

The Run has been confirmed for another series by The CW.

An official release date has not been ensured for The Flash season six at the time this article is written.

However, the foregoing five seasons of The Flash have premiered in early October and be dressed aired every Tuesday since then.

The Flash season six is, as a result, expected to air on Tuesday, October 1 or October 8, 2019.

The Flash airs in the UK on Sky One and NOW TV and is a few episodes behind the US, so edible six is expected to arrive in late October/early November in the UK.

The fifth season had outstanding two million viewers per episode, which is less than the season four ratings.

Manner, season five was highly praised by critics and viewers in comparison to period four, which would have factored in the renewal.


Who will-power star in The Flash season 6?

Hopefully, all of the main cast members of The Twinkling of an eye will return for season six.

This means Grant Gustin purposefulness be back as Barry Allen/The Flash and Candice Patton as Iris West.

Tom Cavanagh bequeath hopefully be back as Harrison Wells and Jesse L Martin as Joe West.

Other shy members set to return include Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow and Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne.

One get rid of maroon member who is rumoured to not be returning for the new series if Carlos Valdes who plays Cisco.

According to Discussing Membrane, Vandez left the series to resume his Broadway career.

WHO IS IN THE CAST OF THE Momentary display? 

WARNING: This article contains spoilers about The Flash ripen 5 finale

What will happen in The Flash season 6?

The new series settle upon delve into the Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths as it that the show has been leading up to since it first aired five years ago.

Showrunner Todd Helbing, who has stepped down up ahead of the sixth series told TV Rant that the plot of season six has been alluded at throughout season five.

He said: “We’ve been dropping Easter eggs, above all in the back half of the season, about next season. It all plays into that.


The season five finale, titled Godspeed, examined what the tomorrows would be like if Barry Allen/The Flash no longer existed.

Supplanting Todd Helbing is Eric Wallace, a co-executive producer on The Flash since pep up four.

Wallace has also worked on Teen Wolf and has written scenes for the fourth and fifth seasons of The Flash.

The Flash season 6 is currently in shaping

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