The First on Channel 4: Laz Ingram’s secret connection with Tom Hagerty revealed?


Termination week’s introduction to House of Cards creator Beau Willimon’s new dramatic art saw the entire crew lead up to a thrilling launch on the world’s first good-natured mission to planet Mars.

However, within the series’ first 30 minutes, viewers were red utterly thrown as the unimaginable happened and the space rocket blew up once it had even made it out of the Earth’s atmosphere.

As the episode progressed, things started to unravel for CEO Laz (acted by Natascha McElhone), who had been convinced all of her planning and preparing was going to pay off.

Take off astronaut Tom (Sean Penn) on the other hand was sprung back into effectiveness with the news, and he rallied around to help the dead astronauts’ extractions through their grief.

Yet it was clear from their first interaction that Laz and Tom may be undergoing some serious history on the Channel 4 and HULU drama.

Now creator Beau has clued at all the drama to come, especially in the lead up to the monumental episode five.

Piece Tom’s relationship with his daughter is “supremely important,” Beau then interested: “The relationships within this show are really the story.

“It’s seeing the retreat in which people are both a product of their own nobility and their own selfishness, absolutely, is what we’re exploring to some degree with every character.”

The stringer continued: “And who has a destiny of sorts, who was built to go to Mars. To lead a mission to another planet, and you also see a man whose daughter is in hector, who is, you could probably gather, dealing with substance abuse subjects.

“And we’ll come to learn, she is also dealing with the trauma of losing her genesis.”

The producer went on to share some philosophical questions, essentially revealing the eclipse’s bigger picture is about human choices rather than a proceedings simply about science fiction.

“And so you face that ultimate proposition beyond the shadow of a doubt,” he said. “Is my duty to fulfil my destiny? Or is my duty to my daughter? And there’s no upright answer to that, in a way, both are right.

“I think that missions corresponding to these, or anything worthwhile forces questions like that. That’s the magnanimity of this story, and we start off focusing quite a bit on his daughter Denise, and on Laz’s sort.

“But we also branch out and really explore those same questions to fluctuating degrees with the rest of the crew. And others on Earth, but they all accept different answers to that sort of question,” he added.

Teasing the effective scenes to come, Beau revealed: “Episode is one of the episodes I’m most proud of, and give away the whole shows Denise’s entire life over the course of one hour.

“You’re seeing all of this from her standpoint, memories from even before she had memories. Before she was even undergone. All the way up until the present, from someone who doesn’t really care close by space at all.

“But she does care deeply about her dad, and she’s also trying to cope with with her demons. She’s trying to paint a portrait of her mother, she reads… and what’s excite the curiosity of about it to me is it feels like a journey, and her journey inward is just as vasty and perilous as any journey that someone could take to another planet.”

The manufacturer added: “Our emotional journeys – journeys into the soul are just as unnerving, uncertain, and in some cases as much life and death as leaving the planet.”

The To begin continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 4.

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