The Fashion Girl's Guide to Halloween


Halloween is my favorite gala because it combines equal rts fashion and fun! As a blogger, I get to play dress-up every day, but Halloween is a distinguishable level that lets you dress outside the lines and push all form bounds. If I’m spending money on something, I want to make sure it order have a life after Halloween, so I like to flex my creative side by making DIY costumes with things I can buy at normal stores or already have in my closet. If you’re a blonde, fetching Cher from Clueless can like totally be a snap! My favorite look is her iconic red medicate («You don’t understand, it’s an Alaïa!»), which can be a really good look. All you requirement is a little red dress, an old flip phone, a red boa, and some little red shoes. At most because Cher wore Alaïa doesn’t mean you have to waste — get the look with these cute red dresses. Cher carried a complementary red bag, but save by adding a cute furry pom to any of your bags. You can pick up a Caucasian boa from your local rty or craft store, but if you want something innumerable wearable, try a white fur vest! Complete your look with a matched set of Mary Janes that complement your red dress.

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