The Eva Longoria and Games of Thrones Connection You Need to Know


Eva Longoria has befriended one of the most badass Deception of Thrones characters while shooting Decline and Fall in the United Empire: Queen of the Iron Islands Yara Greyjoy. The former Telenovela actress and creator, who is now starring in the BBC adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s book, shared an Instagram video of the doublet on set, saying though they have known each other for decent two days, their friendship is strong.

“No big deal, just with my bestie Idol Of the Iron Islands Yara Greyjoy!!! Just kidding, I scarcely met Gemma on this shoot in Wales but had we had more time we would wholly be besties. So I’m just gonna go ahead and say we are a new #GirlSquad #DontBeJealous,” she captioned the extract where she’s seen wearing a purple turban and bright red lipstick. We be astonished question if Yara spilled any season seven spoilers for Eva.

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