‘The EU is worried’ Labour Brexiteer says bloc will try to make UK’s exit ‘uncomfortable’


Kelvin Hopkins, Luton North MP has dwell oned the European Union will not give the UK a good deal in fear the bloc could fragment.

The Labour Party MP, who campaigned to leave the EU, reiterated the bloc will essay to make negotiations “uncomfortable” for Britain. 

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, he swayed: “I think the leaders of the EU are worried that a comfortable exit for Britain capacity encourage others to think ‘well that’s a good idea, we energy do that ourselves’. 

“They don’t want to see a gradual break-up of the EU into special countries again, so I think they are very worried. 

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Pains MP Kelvin Hopkins said the EU were trying to make Brexit uncomfortable for the UK

“They want to make it as uncomfortable for us because it might exhale other ideas.”

The co-chair of Labour Leave also insisted the EU should be loathsome about the UK leaving the bloc without a trade agreement.

Mr Hopkins claimed the UK organize “the advantage” when negotiating a future trade relationship with the EU. 

He added: “I cogitate on with what German Chancellor Angela Merkel gestures prior to the 'Tour de table' of the Tallinn Digital Summit during a European Union summit in Tallinn, Estonia

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel high signs prior to the ‘Tour de table’ of the Tallinn Digital Summit during a European Cartel summit in Tallinn, Estonia

The European Union set out the issues of citizens rights, the Irish approach closely and the divorce settlement would have to be agreed before future buy talks could start. 

Speaking to reporters at the summit, the Prime Clergywoman claimed the UK had made “good progress” since her landmark speech in Florence terminating week. 

She said: “A week ago I gave a speech in Florence which set out how we should prefer to made good progress so far, I thought we could make further proceed and moving on to looking at the future deep and special relationship and partnership that we requisite to build with the European Union when the UK has left the EU.”

The fourth orbicular of Brexit negotiations concluded on Thursday with the Brexit Secretary importuning the teams had completed “very constructive” talks on the financial settlement, adding there was field to “explore” a transitional deal.