The Crusader: Couple ready to hit the road again after legal mix-up over car ownership


Incorrigibles began for James Armstrong and wife Isabella after James got notification from the DVLA too revealing him that his road tax charge was due and that the money would be taken, as run-of-the-mill, in early May.

But on the 19th of this month he noticed the yment had been refunded and after making furthermore enquiries with his bank and the DVLA, he was informed the refund had gone entirely because he was no longer the car’s owner.

“I was simply dumbfounded,” he said.

“It was only a a handful of of months ago in March my car had ssed its MoT test and I had renewed the insurance.”

The couple, from Glasgow, rely on their car because Isabella is not in the foremost of health and regularly attends hospital appointments.

But with this sum hanging over their heads they stopped using the means until the matter was resolved.

“It has been difficult arranging lifts, meaningful that our car, which we have legitimately owned for 10 years, is position idle,” James told Crusader.

Following his contact with the DVLA James was enlightened that there would have to be an investigation but in the meantime he needed to go the Role Office and y his tax.

“But when I did that the lady at the counter said yment persevere in getting refused and she directed me back to the DVLA,” he explained.

“I called again and was reality the same advice, that there would be an investigation and we would understand within two days.”

The couple were concerned they might be fools of a fraud and when they called again to discover what was current on they were advised that more checks needed to be sold out and that they would receive a form and asked to supply profuse details.

“We haven’t had it yet and we dare not drive the car. Thankfully, we have all the evidence to end up that we are the owners but I don’t think driving the car is a risk worth taking.

“If the watch picked us up it would be so difficult to explain everything,” said Isabella terminal week when she asked Crusader for help.

Faced with another bank furlough weekend when they couldn’t use their car we asked the DVLA if it could entertain the Armstrongs to drive it even if its investigations had not been completed.

And just two hours after we pre red our request on the Armstrongs’ behalf, the couple got a call giving them the unversed light.

Ap rently, an administration error had been the problem which sign ined as another huge relief to James and Isabella.

“Thank you both to Crusader and the mortal physically at the DVLA who took the trouble to understand our position.

“Of course checks experience to be made and the form has now arrived. We’ll complete it but this has got us off the hook in the meantime. We are so enchanted and really glad that fraud was not the cause,” said Isabella.

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