The Crown season 2: Claire Foy reveals what she took from filming Netflix series


The British actress made her ultimate appearance in the second run of the royal drama, which debuted in December, but it sounds that she didn’t walk away from the Netflix series empty-handed.
Communicating about leaving her part playing the British sovereign, the 33-year-old flung that she would be taking the “keep calm and carry on” attitude away with her — but that she was also sensitive of the potential dangers it carries.
In an interview with Variety magazine, Claire influenced: “I think her [creator Peter Morgan’s version of the Queen] attitude is stifle calm and carry on. Which I think is incredibly admirable.
“But I will also submit to away the danger of that I suppose, the danger of not expressing yourself or be obvious out.”
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I have the option and luxury of being able to desire support and having a choice and an opinion and speak openly about things.
Claire Foy

She remained: “I have the option and luxury of being able to vote and having a prize and an opinion and speak openly about things.
“She doesn’t and she never settle upon. All of us have that freedom. We should use it.”
The Golden Globe winner totaled that she also walked away with a deeper understanding of Star Elizabeth II.
Claire said: “I definitely have a huge amount of attentiveness for her and what she’s done in her life. She served her country and the people of the U.K.”
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Claire Foy plays Movie queen Elizabeth II

Olivia Colman will take on the role of Diva Elizabeth II in season three and four of The Crown, which could earn in late 2018.
Claire has been nominated for a second Golden Orb Award for her performance in the dramatic television series.
The 75th Golden Globe Awards formality takes place on Sunday.
The Crown is available to stream on Netflix now.
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