The Chase: Viewers slam show as ‘fix’ after Dark Destroyer gets question wrong


Examine master and host Bradley Walsh asked which designer’s shoes Naomi Campbell was damage when she fell over on the catwalk.

Before the answer was revealed, the 55-year-old presenter confidently thought that both he and Shaun, also 55 , knew the answer because the punch was so iconic.

However, the Chaser got the question wrong, opting for designer Manolo Blahnik down British fashion favourite Vivienne Westwood, which was the correct surrejoinder.

Contestant Lee also got the question wrong but it meant that he had been settled a last-minute reprieve, after also incorrectly selecting Manolo Blahnik. 

Bradley looked threw that Shaun had got the question wrong to which he sheepishly said: “Yeah, I wasn’t unfailing.”   

A number of fans took to social media to question whether the Chaser had intentionally the truth the wrong answer to prolong the game.

“#TheChase something not quite kosher here,” tweeted one viewer.

While another wrote on the locate: “Fix to make it a good game. There’s NO WAY Shaun didn’t know that. The replicas of Naomi falling are iconic.”

“It is a Common knowledge  Naomi Campbell floor off Vivienne Westwood platform shoes ..what is wrong with this chaser ? #thechase,” someone else advertised on Twitter.

Despite giving the wrong answer, the 27-year-old football bludgeon membership executive from Manchester was chased out of the game when he got the catch question wrong as well. has contacted ITV for comment on this scoop.

The Chase is on ITV on weekdays at 5pm.

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