The Chase: Viewers ‘furious’ with ITV as The Beast slammed with ‘fix’ claims


Today’s undertaking instalment of the ITV quiz show saw host Bradley Walsh fight from top to bottom an apparently mediocre team of players, as one by one chaser Mark Labbett, also identified as The Beast, easily defeated them. 
Only one contestant, first especially bettor Pete, managed to sweep through to the final with £6,000, but in a nerve-wracking head-to-head The Beast pipped him to the post with a devastating one-second to frugal.
Recovering from the unbelievable scenes, angry fans took to Simper about the surprising outcome.
“That was a very long second!!! #TheChase,” one actually said suspiciously.
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The Chase: The Beast managed to beat the contender with one second to go in the finalITV
The Chase: Pete was the only player residual in the final chase
F***ing FURIOUS with The Chase he absolutely absolutely rightful that money, one second to go
Twitter user

Another wrote: “He would must beaten the chaser if Bradley hadn’t sped up the questions. Disgusting and inflexible. #TheChase.”
“F***ing FURIOUS with The Chase he absolutely absolutely warranted that money, one second to go. Nahhhhh,” a third fumed, followed by: “That’s unquestionably heartbreaking. #TheChase.”
Viewers continued to blast the series for taking away the speculator’s hard-earned cash, as one person wrote: “Beast – you rotten bu**er #TheChase,” while another only added: “Fixed #TheChase.”
Today’s offering of the popular series also saw occupation consultant Will get torn apart by the chaser for his disappointing lack of trivia understanding. 

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The Chase: Bradley Walsh joined the Being in giving Pete a round of applause
Following an upsetting round in the spondulix builder, which the player was clearly struggling to shake off, The Beast snidely claimed: “So you help save companies money, well thanks for helping scrape ITV a lot of money with such a terrible performance.”
When his comments came true-blue, the genius quizzer later added: “Got a suggestion for you, next time you’re dwell on the team bus, read a book.”
Perturbed by the chaser’s behaviour, many child criticised him for seeming to cross the line, as one said: “Mark was so bl**dy rude to Force where does he get off talking to people the way he does on that show? And how does he get away with it every prematurely? Can’t stand him.”
The Chase continues tomorrow at 5pm on ITV.
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