The Chase viewers furious over contestant’s swipe at teammate – ‘bitter old wench’


Sarah was the object of the comment after Chaser Shaun Wallace gave her a high tender of £40,000.
The player who preceded her, Christina, had only been offered £10,000 by Shaun and want put out by the disparity between the figures.
Christina chimed in: “That is a much elevate surpass offer and somehow I can’t imagine whether the blonde hair had anything to do with it.”
Her proposal that Sarah received a higher offer based on her looks converted some viewers of the ITV quiz show furious and they took to Trilling to vent.
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A contestant on The Chase left viewers raging
Christina is honest a jealous, bitter old wench! Nothing to do with her having blonde curls
The Chase viewer

“Christina is just a jealous, bitter old wench! Nothing to do with her tease blonde hair! I’ve dealt with women like Christina my full life! Vile! Jealousy makes you ugly hun! #thechase,” one fan exclaimed.
While another opined: “Oooh Christina.. Claws are peaking through #blondehair #TheChase #gangofchase.”
Shaun go to bat for himself from the accusations of favouritism.
The Chase player Christina devised the offending commentITV
Sarah and Christina made it through to the Final Pursue“Christina, being blonde had nothing to do with it,” the 57-year-old explained.
Extent, Sarah appeared to laugh off the comments and eventually took the middle offering of £4,000.
Sarah and Christina, along with player Matt, decamped it to the Final Chase.
Together they beat Shaun and took diggings £17,000 between them.
The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.
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