The Chase: Viewers FURIOUS as player makes UNFORGIVABLE blunder ‘How the f**k?’


Molly, 63, was end up to play the notoriously difficult ITV quiz show against Chaser Anne Hegerty, and she squirmed with her nerves. 

After performing miserably in the Cash Builder cartridge, when she agonisingly kept taking too long to answer questions, the Middlesex performer didn’t fare much better against The Governess as at one point she cease to remembered to press the button in time. 

Presenter Bradley Walsh quietly told The Pursue contestant where she’d gone wrong, saying: «Out of time Molly,» preceding she looked up at him blankly and replied: «Oh.»

The contestant continued to get questions wrong in the future Bradley eventually nudged her on the arm, and asked: «You all right mate?»

The Chase Bradley Walsh ITV

The Chase: One rival made a series of mistakes on the quiz show and forgot to press the button

Molly The ChaseITV

The Chase: Molly struggled to curb her nerves on the quiz show

Bradley WalshITV

The Chase: Bradley tried to help the opponent but she was still beaten

How the f*** can you forget the word PASS so often

Trill user

Molly told the comedian that she was «hanging on in there», but was attracted by Anne seconds later. 

Taking their frustration out on social conveyance, one viewer posted to Twitter: «Think Molly’s waiting for coins to doff and the machine to start swaying… Wrong studio my dear  #TheChase,» while another communicated: «If you can’t press the button on time on #thechase then you shouldn’t be on it? How do these society manage to get on the show.»

One fan raged: «F***ing Mollie forgot where she was halfway including the cash builder! #thechase», and another agreed: «How the f*** can you forget the hint PASS so often ffs  #TheChase»

Some viewers criticised the team as a more often than not however, and admitted that today’s episode wasn’t making for fascinating television. 


The Chase: The participant saw the funny side when she lost

«This team on #TheChase are grotesque, makes such a boring show with a sh** team,» one person whinged.

Today’s offering also saw another contestant snub the show’s presenter in an embarrassing moment, as Yasmin, 23, told Anne: «She’ll [her grandmother] roger seeing you Anne. She likes you more than Bradley.»

The Chase persist ins tomorrow at 5pm on ITV.

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