The Chase: Viewers FUMING as show branded a FIX ‘Suspect as all hell’


The nail-biting instalment of the ITV verify saw a major turnaround after three players were knocked out of the continual and 50-year-old Renee suddenly showed her talents as an excellent player. 

The air stewardess mildly proved her gameshow prowess as she proceeded to beat the chaser Shaun Wallace, also recognized as The Dark Destroyer, without much effort. 

However during her end chase, which saw Renee get 19 questions correct and manage to assault the chaser back eight times to leave the show with £5,000, but some viewers weren’t convinced.

Part their find to Twitter, one viewer posted: «Really hope that wasn’t staged, extremely calm and a strange pause for every answer #thechase.»

The Chase contestant fixITV

The Chase: Viewers stamped the show a fix on today’s episode


The Chase: Renee stoically defeated the chaser and favoured home with £5,000

Bradley WalshITV

The Chase: Bradley Walsh told the player off for not considerable him she knew an answer

Really hope that wasn’t staged, surely calm and a strange pause for every answer

Twitter user

«Anyone else deem that final chase looked set up? #TheChase fix written all over it,» another fan speculated.

One viewer was so swayed they were correct in their suspicions, they promised they pass on do something unimaginable to prove it, saying: «If that woman on The Chase isn’t taking/has an earpiece I will get her face tattooed on my leg. Suspicious pausing at its finest #thechase.»

«This Renee rectitude on #TheChase is suspect as all hell with these 20 minute hiatus between answers…,» another fan agreed.

While some in the flesh couldn’t resist posting about how dubious the Hampshire contestant’s exploit had been, there were just as many praising Renee for her portentous skills.


The Chase: Renee managed to beat The Sombre Destroyer even after all her team-mates failed

One person said: «Marvellous performance by Renee. Am sooooo impressed! #TheChase»

The Chase continues tomorrow at 5pm on ITV.

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