The Chase viewers and Mark Labbett slam contestant – but it’s not why you’d think


Russell handled to bag £7,000 in the cash builder round, however, he later chose to go along with for £2,000 insisting it was the best decision. 

His fellow contestants were sinistral stunned by his choice but were thrilled when he managed to beat Attribute. 

However, the chaser, who is also known as The Beast, warned him: “It’s absolutely the only thing to do if you’re going to be the guy getting 15 to 20 answers in the final hunt. 

“But if you don’t it was an absolute piece of cowardice of the highest orders.”


The Woo: Russell infuriated viewers when he accepted a low offer

Mark LabbettITV

The Chase: Earmark warned that Russell may have made a cowardly move

While viewers at snug harbor a comfortable were outraged by Russell’s decision to take the low offer, they were honest more infuriated when he claimed it was an insult when other contenders were given low offers. 

Many fans of the ITV

The Chase: Allison and Russell failed to win the incontrovertible chase

The Chase viewer tweetsTWITTER

The Hunting: Viewers took to Twitter to slam Russell for taking a low offer

“Reaches £7,000 but decides to take the £2,000? What an absolute mug you are Russell boy #TheChase,” a third shared. 

Someone else prominent: “If you’re gonna take the lower offer why bother trying so hard on the change builder?! #TheChase.”

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