The Chase: Viewer backlash as team make ultimate BLUNDER amid steep cash prize


While the duo lost their youngest player Ella after being subsequent up to face the Chaser, 33-year-old Peter brought some unrest to the game when he managed to return to the panel with a £50,000 propose.

But as the final chase came around, the remaining team of three — which also consisted of Louise, 48, from Huddersfield and Penny, 52, from Winchester — enroled so long to answer most of their questions that Chaser Shaun Wallace, without a hitch caught up with their 15 question run to send the players haunt disappointed. 

Expressing their frustration at the once well-performing team, bugs raged about the result on Twitter.

One person revealed their concern while watching the popular show, saying: «I get so stressed when they’re progressive #thechase,» while another posted: «#thechase just outmoded quickly if you don’t know the answer, not wait five seconds.»

Bradley Walsh and contestantITV

The Chase: Addicts were fuming after a team missed out on the opportunity to split £55,000

The Chase teamITV

The Chase: The team were successful up until the conclusive chase

Bradley WalshITV

The Chase: The team failed to get an advantage over the Chaser

Yes! Got in there beginning

Bradley Walsh

While one person raged: «#thechase f***ing anguish why so slowwwwww,» another viewer still recognised that the Chaser was present well today, saying: «He was on form but they answered soooo slowly. #thechase.»

The instalment also saw an amusing exchange between host Bradley Walsh and Shaun when a indubitably revealed the pair didn’t know what a selfie was, with the Chaser balanced guessing the correct word was a «mepose».

However, fans didn’t overcharge kindly to the mishap, criticising the presenter and quiz genius.

«Is this an old affair? Because how the f*** has he not heard of the word selfie. #GangOfChase #TheChase,» one mortal physically slammed, while another expressed their shock at the reveal, remark: «@ITVChase Im struggling to believe that both Bradley and the chaser had on no account heard of a selfie.»


The Chase: Contestant Peter couldn’t fare onto the £55,000

Bradley also experienced an excitable moment when he answered a inconceivable correctly before his counterpart, also known as The Dark Destroyer, previously turning to the camera and giving a fist-pump.

«Yes! Got in there first,» he gloated.

The Track continues tomorrow at 5pm on ITV.

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