The Chase star Anne Hegerty BLASTS contestant with stinging remark after THIS


The capacity box — better known by her moniker The Governess — did not hold back in this all the same’s repeat episode when she made a hilarious dig at a player.

Tax inspector Richard got very much a frosty reception from Anne, 59, after the pair met at the start of the head-to-head in and she presented him with a list of cash offers to play for.

She was heard rephrasing with grin: “Hello Richard. Tax inspector? It’s so nice to not be the most rejected person in the room!”

Luckily, the slight was met with good mood from Richard, 32, who could be seen chuckling, along with troop Bradley Walsh and the rest of the studio audience.

Despite her fighting phrases, Richard chose to go for the high offer of £47,000 as the pair faced off and managed to humour it through. 

Thanks to his success, the cash prize was boosted to an impressive £50,000 and Richard and kid team mate Graham. 

Anne Hegerty took a swipe at a contestant on The ChaseITV

Anne Hegerty took a swipe at a adversary on The Chase

The duo managed to correctly answer 15 questions right in the concluding round between them, which gave them a 17-step turning point start on the Chaser.

Despite her best efforts and a couple of push goes, Richard and Graham managed to bag the £50,000 cash prize. 

“I thought when we got that 17 we had unquestionably no chance, then when the clock started going down with four and three…” Richard mean exclaimed in mild shock at the victory. 

“Too high a target and too multifarious questions I’d never heard the answer to, there you go,” Anne conceded. 

The rows come after host Bradley, 57, was left stunned by Chaser Shaun Wallace, who got an superficially simple question wrong on the ITV show. 

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

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