The Chase: Narrowest final EVER? Sinnerman loses after ‘incredible' nail-biting showdown


The Sinnerman, honest name ul Sinha, faced a full team of four opponents and had to beat their record of 21 correct answers in two minutes in classification to stop them taking home their shared jackpot of £46,000.

His to begin minute flew by with correct answer after correct riposte, but his ce dramatically weakened towards the end after he got three questions wrong.

With lawful three seconds of his time left, host Bradley Walsh was about a invite him his final question – but the clock ran out of time at nearly the exact same pro tem he was giving his answer.

The result meant that the team got to take accommodation their prize money – and they looked absolutely overwhelmed with the well-behaved news.

“How exciting was that!” Bradley exclaimed.

ul said: “That was quite, very close. I think I played as well as I could have done. What throughout deserved winners.”

Bradley remarked: “I haven’t seen you perform as admirably, and lose.

“You had a great day and played really well, unfortunately it was those twosome of deliberations.”

“Made up for that team nobody went low an everyone had an input! Polite team that! #TheChase,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“I’m obviously having an ravishing Friday, but this episode of #TheChase was incredible,” said another.

A third individual even went so far as to say: “That’s the best chase I’ve ever seen! #thechase.”

The Hunt continues weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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