The Chase: Is this the worst contestant ever? Fans lose it over shocking move 


Sooner than Rob faced Chaser Jenny Ryan, host Bradley Walsh prognosticated: «I think he’s a good player.»
However, it seemed Bradley spoke too straight away as Rob went on to deliver a car crash performance.
Viewers took to Twitter to fumarole their frustrations: «That Rob was as thick as two short planks — possibly the dumbest competitor in Chase history #TheChase,» one wrote.
«Yeah @RobFromTheChase that is successful to have to go down as the worst performance in the history of #TheChase — EVER,» another claimed.
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The Chase: Viewers ‘OFFENDED’ by contestant’s shocking answer

The Run after viewers RAGE at Bradley Walsh for ‘fixing’ quiz again
Bradley Walsh and The Go out after: ‘worst contestant ever’
The Chase: Baffling contestant blunders
Wed, September 28, 2016
The Court host Bradley Walsh and viewers alike are baffled by these adversary blunders.


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Host Bradley Walsh noises Sarah Willingham on the celebrity edition of the show after she asked him if he had vamoosed up a question

The worst performance in the history of The Chase EVER
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After bagging just £1,000 in the cash builder, Rob rejected The Chaser’s proposal of minus £3,000 and plumped for an ambitious £51,000 instead.
His risk didn’t pay off as Jenny hastily caught him just three questions in.
Rob, a voice-over artist, confessed he was a cutting gambler in his spare time and was hoping to win money for a trip to Las Vegas, matchless viewers to ridicule him further.
Bradley Walsh and ‘worst player period’ on The ChaseITV
The Chase contestant Rob dubbed ‘worst ever'»#thechase I bet they’re scrub their hands in Vegas. Rob will be taken to the cleaners,» one commented.
Another fan rejoined: «Nothing funnier than a self proclaimed quizzer & gambler who hardly got his own name right in the cash builder!! Good luck in Vegas @ITVChase #thechase.» 
But two members of the team made it through to the final Chase where they were suddenly defeated by The Vixen.
The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV. 
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