The Chase host Bradley Walsh SLAMS contestant Mike Bushell for ‘showing off’


Bradley Walsh and Mike BushellITV

The Hunting host Bradley Walsh SLAMS contestant Mike Bushell for ‘lead off’

First up to play the game for his chosen charity, sports presenter Mike got over-excited after he carry oned to win £6,000 in the cash builder round and went on to play against Chaser Jenny Ryan, also recollected as The Vixen.

During a question about the band XTC, Mike began discussing their strikes and how much he loved the Swindon group. 

Putting his arm around the enthusiastic entrant, Bradley pulled him off to the side and gave him a stern warning.

“Don’t come on here clarifying off,” he chastised.

Bradley and MikeITV

The Chase host Bradley Walsh Flays contestant Mike Bushell for ‘showing off’

Bradley Walsh and Mike BushellITV

The Chase: Bradley gave Mike a notice after ‘showing off’

“I won’t, Bradley, I promise I promise,” Mike apologised.

Purportedly told off, Mike continued to do well on the quiz show, but the team didn’t rule over to win against the chaser overall, losing out on their chance to split £16,000.

The part also saw sports commentator Annabel Croft ask Bradley if he did yoga, primary to an exchange filled with innuendo.

Bradley WalshITV

The Chase: Bradley was later shocked when Annabel said she’d teach him yoga

Bradley WalshITV

The Run after: The celebrity team failed to win the game against Jenny Ryan

When the humorist answered no, Annabel teased: “Shall I teach you the downward dog? It’s a very strict position.”

The other contestants included Rylan Clark-Neal and Coronation Suiting someone to a T star Rhea Bailey, but Rylan was the only player to go for the bigger offering of £74,000 and subsequently get caught by the chaser. 

The television personality also revealed that he’d in all likelihood be in prison now had he not gone through to the X Factor live finals, after answering Bradley’s without a doubt of what he’d be doing with «doing time».

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