The Chase host Bradley Walsh makes shock confession about his wife


During a course with Chaser Paul ‘Sinnerman’ Sinha, who offered a very appealing offer of £61,000, the comedian and show-host asked his contestant if he was a gambling man. 

But Brian, 50, didn’t sputter to admit that he wasn’t even in charge of the game. 

«Not really no I’ve got inflexible instructions from the Mrs,» he said. 

Laughing, Bradley suddenly confessed he wish be in the same boat as the Church Leader, when he revealed: «Same as me friend. They wear the trousers don’t they.»

While Brian didn’t on to get back to his team to face the Final Chase, he earlier explained to Bradley that his partner would only approve of trying to win the lower offer that he’d merited.

The episode also saw the final team of Chris, 47, Jackie, 63, and Sophie, 24, suffer a uncaring loss at the hands of the «on top form» Sinnerman, but some fans were outraged at one of their meets. 

Bradley Walsh asked which Irvine Welsh novel had a monologue of a strap worm, and as the clock was ticking Chris replied: «Wuthering Heights.»

Intriguing to Twitter to slam the moment, one viewer posted: «#TheChase Adroit God alive….tape worm…Wuthering Heights…..I’m fading fast..,» while another person said sarcastically: «Looking to the surface to reading the @IrvineWelsh classic Wuthering Heights with the tapeworm monologues #TheChase.»

Multifarious viewers were simply shocked that Chris could set up answered correctly, but one person tweeted angrily: «OMFG Wuthering Acmes had a monologue of a tape worm. What an absolute utter k***head #TheChase.»

The Go out after continues tomorrow at 5pm on ITV.

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