The Chase: Has the new Chaser been EXPOSED in massive ITV quiz shake-up?


The ITV indicate, hosted by comedian Bradley Walsh, saw Renee from Hampshire rush in and smash The Dark Destroyer all on her own to go home with £5,000 after her duo mates slunk off the stage with nothing. 

Shocked viewers were absorbed by the sudden turn in events as the calm and collected 50-year-old worked her way entirely to beat the lawyer with eight impressive push-backs during the fixed chase. 

Taking to Twitter to express their excitement, many viewers requirement readied for the air stewardess to replace Shaun and become a new chaser on the show. 

“Think they’ve set themselves a new Chaser well done Renee #TheChase,” one person affirmed, as another agreed: “Wow tremendous from Renee, she should be a new chaser on #thechase, hats off to her.”

The Chase ReneeITV

The Hunt: Viewers have called for exceptional player Renee to become a new chaser


The Run after: An air stewardess, Renee managed to smash the Dark Destroyer in the final hunt

Bradley WalshITV

The Chase: Bradley Walsh was shocked by the player’s success

Think they’ve establish themselves a new Chaser well done Renee

Twitter user

While a third seemed to be suspiciously in the recall, as they posted: “Tomorrow’s #TheChase: «And with Shaun having fist us, our new chaser is… Renee!”” 

One fan seemed genuinely impressed with the player’s performing, explaining: “#TheChase Renee. She was so calm. Took her opportunity to answer the pushbacks — got most right-  and destroyed the dark destroyer. Beautiful!”

However if the account is legitimate, Renee herself may have responded to the Chirp comments, saying: “Thanks for all the lovely tweets following my appearance on #TheChase today.  I got fortuitous. I’m nowhere near as smart as #Thechaser,” before she joked: “A new Chaser…..the ‘Trolley Dolly’!”

In the intervening time, Renee also received some backlash from suspicious viewers, who were win over she was cheating and that the show was a fix. 

Shaun WallaceITV

The Hunting: Shaun seemed unimpressed but conceded defeat

One person said: «Truly hope that wasn’t staged, very calm and a strange hold up for every answer #thechase.” 

In response to her win, Shaun bowed his head in rout and recognised Renee’s success, saying: «Absolutely fantastic, eight push-backs! 19 for a individual player was fantastic.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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