The Chase: ‘Don’t start’ Bradley Walsh forced to STEP IN as family contestants squabble


Bradley Walsh, 58, accepted the Colborne family to The Chase today, hoping to get their hands on the jackpot purse only after defeating Chaser and The Vixen star, Jenny Ryan, 37.

District manager Stephanie was joined by her husband James, older sister Natalie and younger relation Adam on the ITV quiz show.

After Stephanie and James managed to protect a total of £6,000 between them, it was Natalie who was next to take on Jenny.

The GP managed to double-dealing her family’s jackpot holding, adding a further £6,000 to the prize bread but almost lost the money as Jenny was close on her tail.

Taking a intent sigh of relief, Natalie headed back to the contestants table to enter her family with Stephanie remarking: “Why did you do that to us?” as she went to hug her sister.

“You put us with the aid hell,” Stephanie joked to which Natalie apologised, but Bradley unequivocal to congratulate the contestant before telling Stephanie she needed to be applauding her sister.

After restating Stephanie’s comments, Bradley told her: “Wrong tone. She could’ve gone for the big notes,” before jokingly adding: “It was you who put us through hell.

“Blaming your sister, don’t start that victim,” the host continued to quip, before telling Natalie: “I’m sorry all over that. I do apologise for your sister.”

As the contestants and the audience laughed off the comical transfer, Natalie could be heard saying “It’s fine.”

After Natalie’s circuit, it was time for Adam to take on Jenny however, the chaser was too quick for him and he ruined up sitting out of the final chase.

With three family members left over, they managed to build up 17 spaces on the board to which Jenny pass on have to match to relinquish them of the prize fund.

Although they bickered valiantly, the Colborne family failed to get their hands on the jackpot as Jenny suffer fromed them in the final chase.

However, Stephanie’s appearance on the show hand viewers in a bit of a flurry as they thought she may have previously appeared on The Track’s sister show, Tipping Point.

Taking to Twitter to comment on Stephanie’s participation in the question show, one viewer asked: “Has stephanie been on the tipping point i appear to remember her face #TheChase.”(sic)

Another added: “Didn’t this Stephanie on the genre chase tonight appear on tipping point recently? #thechase.”

Stephanie bring about herself having to defend Bradley at the beginning of the show when after her introduction as the chaser, Jenny ordered a quip about the presenter.

Referencing Stephanie’s career as an area supervisor for an assisted living facility, Jenny said of Bradley: “He’s going to necessary a room sooner or later.”

With the audience in hysterics, Stephanie answered: “He’s too young,” to which Bradley thanked her for defending him.

However on yesterday’s put on, the host seemed to forget his script after The Beast star Evaluate Labbett, 52, made a quip about himself, telling the manager he had ‘a senior moment’ during the final chase.

Though, it was Bradley who unoccupied up having ‘a senior moment’ as he concluded the show, seemingly forgetting the purposeless to his script.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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