The Chase contestant leaves viewers 'fuming' as she fails to take her own advice


Stage superintendent Geoff secured a confident £6,000 in his cash builder round before skin Mark Labbett, aka The Beast.

Hoping to win enough to afford a brand new caboose for his rtner Ruth, Geoff was offered a low offer of £1,000 and a high sell of £36,000 by the “confident” Chaser.

Fellow players uline and Ieuan saw explicit and wanted Geoff back for the final chase, advising him to stick with £6,000.

The audience were wild when Catherine remarked: “36 is a big amount for just one extra debatable. Go for the 36.”

“If I was at home I’d take the 36, but I’m here and I’ve chickened out,” Geoff told 56-year-old Bradley Walsh.

The entertain praised the contestant for being a great player after taking £6,000 raw for the final chase before Mark chirped: “With the benefit of he hindsight, Geoff should possess taken Catherine’s advice.

“Will Catherine take her own advice? You say you peer gambling with other people’s money, well this is other people’s affluent.”

The Beast, 51, then offered Catherine a low offer of £2000, and a grave offer of £44,000.

Offering advice, Geoff said: “I wish I’d gone for £36,000 now, but go for £8,000,” in the forefront Catherine said: “I’m eating my words now but I’m going to stick with the £8,000.”

Shocked viewers intelligence the move was a secret ploy for Catherine to share less money if she prove to bed it through to the final chase.

“Imagine telling someone to take the serious offer then turning down £44k yourself, what a big spunk #TheChase,” tweeted one.

“Tells Geoff to go for £36,000 then she takes the easier alternative herself! I’m fuming #TheChase,” posted another.

A third said: “Habit what you preach Catherine,” while a fourth tweeted: “Go high (because I won’t) #TheChase.”

The Woo airs on weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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