The Chase: Bradley Walsh’s dramatic new 'do sparks frenzy and overshadows Sinnerman's win


Most often the 56-year-old quiz show favourite gels his tresses up but this afternoon he was lark a sort of combed-over look.

Chaser ul “Sinnerman” Singh managed to nab the team with just 11 seconds to go but his victory was somewhat diminished by Bradley’s transformation.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to discuss the presenter’s new tone.

One person asked: “What’s going on with Bradley’s hair? #TheChase.”

“Cogitate on Bradley had had a fresh hair cut before filming this episode, he looks luckily different #TheChase,” another said.

Some people liked the look, with one viewer saying: “I detect BW has had a haircut, surely smart indeed Bradders #thechase #gangofchase.”

However others were not so tried. One person said: “Touch of the Wayne Rooney hair transplant look alongside Bradley today #thechase #GangOfChase.”

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