The Chase: Bradley Walsh shocks contestant with fierce telling off – ‘Not how this works!’


Lucy’s insight unfortunately failed when it was her turn against chaser Paul “Sinnerman” Sinha on the ITV examine show, when she began using one, long-shot method to try and win the immensely problematical game. 

When Bradley Walsh asked the 24-year-old why she’d given one notable answer, she replied: “Lucky B maybe,” out of a possible A, B or C options. 

Initially agreeing, the funster, 57, carried on reading out questions. 

But when the nervous office secondary continued to use the tactic, Bradley became frustrated with her.

Bradley WalshITV

The Chase: Bradley Walsh resolutely told the contestant “that’s not how the game works”

Bradley WalshITV

The Pursue: The contestant failed to get through to the final chase


The Chase: Lucy’s providential technique failed to work

You can’t keep picking ‘lucky B’ Lucy, that’s not how this fair works

Bradley Walsh

Seeing her luck running out, he warned: “You can’t conserve picking ‘lucky B’ Lucy, that’s not how this show works.”

Lucy inform oned a jokey grimace as Bradley shook his head, but sure enough, the publican was correct and the Sinnerman caught up with her.

“Problem with ‘lucky B’ is the fate runs out,” the presenter added sadly, before saying goodbye to the participant. 

Today’s show featured a number of other unlucky moments for the quiz sanguines. 

Bradley WalshITV

The Chase: The team failed to beat the chaser on today’s happening

Music teacher Chris, 44, and Carlisle-born Rob, 59, also go out to get into the final chase, leaving Kelly, 36, to fend for herself against one of the excellent’s best quizzers. 

However the team leader was lumbered with a picking of questions she didn’t know, and only managed to rack up seven approved answers.

The Chase continues tomorrow at 5pm on ITV.

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