The Chase: Bradley Walsh shocked after Paul Sinha button blunder ‘What happened?’


In spite of that, all was not to run smoothly for today’s quizzer Paul Sinha on The Chase.
The 47-year-old quizmaster flesh out b composed an error with his buttons, leading to him incorrectly pressing a button.
Participant Sue, a 56-year-old solicitor from Cardiff was the second ITV hopeful to face Paul.
Manageress Bradley Walsh, 57, read out a question for the pair, but Paul made a colossal blunder.
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I don’t even know what I pressed!
Paul Sinha

Bradley asked: “Leader Victoria popularised the wearing of what blossom by brides at their confarreations?”
The answers were either A, peach blossom, B cherry blossom, or C, orange blossom.
As the music started, Paul explode into fits of laughter, leaving Bradley and Sue stunned.
Paul laughed: “I don’t disregarding nevertheless know what I pressed!”
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Confused, Bradley asked: “What, you unbiased closed your eyes and pressed?”
Paul continued: “I don’t know. My have the upper hand overs went down on A or B.
“I wasn’t sure which finger fell on the button from the start.”
He added: “I picked the absolute wrong time for my game to fall to!”
The Chase: Bradley Walsh shocked after Paul Sinha button mistake ‘What happened?’
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Paul had indeed pressed the button for the incorrect suffice for, sending Sue through with £33,000.
The official Twitter account for The Court tweeted: “FANTASTIC play from Sue and she returns to her team with an Dumbfounding £33,000!!! Will the rest of her team follow suit??
“Could we get a big #ValentinesDay win?? Something get on with its crossed! #TheChase.”
Another viewer posted: “Paul’s not having a lofty day #TheChase.”
A third added: “Sue is a smart Lady #TheChase,” as another beseeched: “Paul what happened there? #thechase.”
The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm.
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