The Chase: Bradley Walsh makes player’s dream come true – a cruel twist ruins EVERYTHING


When The Run after contestant Amelia was introduced to presenter Bradley Walsh on today’s carry-all tackling instalment of the ITV show, she had no idea how her life was about to change. 
The player exposed that she’s been concentrating on achieving her career dreams as a singer, and calculated at a performing arts school. 
Yet in a surprise turn of events no one was expecting, the white sales assistant also shared that she posts makeup tutorial videos in her extra time on YouTube. 
Not yet a vlogging sensation, Amelia happily admitted that her “Amelia Gleams” account was simply for fun. 
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I’ve only got 17 subscribers

“I’ve only got 17 subscribers,” she showed, unprepared for what comedian Bradley, 55, would do next. 
“Not now you won’t,” he affirmed with a cheeky grin to the camera. 
While the contestant, who dazzled viewers in a gleaming green skater dress covered in cat print, shrugged off the joke, viewers were forthwith excited. 
Following an initial flurry that saw copious viewers doing their choicest detective work to find the intriguing contestant, it wasn’t long prior to her popularity shot up to reach incredible new heights. 

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One person posted: “The girl on The Court right now just gave her YouTube channel a shoutout and she’s already rallied like 75 subs in a minute. A living legend.”
“LOL..  Amelia Sparkles’ YouTube subscribers sooner a be wearing just doubled from 50 to over 100, in the past summary or so!! #TheChase #GangOfChase,” another exclaimed.
A third wrote: “Amelia on #TheChase had 15 subscribers on YouTube around 3 minutes ago and now she has 400+ (& still going!).”
“That lassie’s subscribers contemporary up rapid after that sneaky lil promo #thechase,” a fourth persuaded fan praised,” followed by: “Go on tv and mention your social media platform, you’ll acquire hella.”
The Chase viewers were saddened to say goodbye to Amelia so in due course on the showCompletely unaware of how her popularity would shoot up from her television aspect, Amelia continued to fight to win her £5,000 from the cash builder end against chaser Shaun Wallace, also known as The Dark Destroyer. 
Yet at the spell of writing, the contestant has already reached 733 subscribers on her channel. 
A inferior twist saw Amelia fail to beat formidable lawyer Shaun and take off her money to the final chase, meaning she may not be able to provide her future mingling guests with a welcome drink of Prosecco. 
Seeing the exceptional developments on her collective media however, maybe Amelia won’t even care.
The Chase remains tomorrow at 5pm on ITV.
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